Details on "Boku no, MERMAID. Dokusen-chu!" Oya Shizuka 1st DVD

And "Boku no MERMAID. Dokusenchuu!" is Oya Shizuka first DVD Photobook dont, here details on AKB48 senior PB ...
Details on "Boku no, MERMAID. Dokusen-chu!" Oya Shizuka 1st DVD

The long wait that was passed by a senior member, Oya Shizuka (4th Generation) finally produced a result, where during her birthday celebration at the theater Siichan got a gift from one of her friends and was a senior too.

The contents of the gift are a letter read by Miyazaki Miho, the letters are birthday wishes and touching words, but at the end there is one sentence that is making all members and fans happy, Shiichan will soon release her first DVD.

Siichan's first DVD will be released on April 1, 2020 titled judul ぼ く の 、 MERMAID。 独占 中!! (Boku no, MERMAID. Dokusen-chu!).

And this is Oya Shizuka's first DVD photobook on AKB48.

Oya Shizuka herself is a senior who is truly extraordinary, in any difficult matter she faces calmly and confidently, her strong determination finally brought Oya Shizuka to be elected for the first time as senbatsu on the single "Tsubasa wa Iranai" and every few singles since then she made it into 2 singles in a row by management choice. And Siichan also managed to become a center for the AKB48 56th Single coupling song.