Details on JKT48 21st & original single "Rapsodi" revealed

Details on JKT48 21st & original single "Rapsodi" revealed

JKT48 will soon release their latest single titled "Rapsodi" this January.

The 21st single from the selection of JKT48 original single member is the first original single for this idol group from Jakarta.

Through the official website today, JKT48 opens the official exclusive page for Rapsodi's single pre-order.

This page also explains the details of JKT48's Rapsodi single.

As usual, JKT48 will release a single in two types, physical EP and music card.

In the physical EP version, the single Rapsodi will be filled with 1 CD with 5 songs, 1 DVD and 1 random photopack.

For the music  card version, you can choose the type, which is a song that consists of two Rapsodi and Sweet & Bitter or a special photo of Rapsodi during a MV filming, plus a handshake bonus ticket.

This single contains 5 songs with "Rapsodi" as the Main song.

The coupling song by Undergirls is "Sweet & Bitter".

The other three couplings are prize songs for the TOP 3 original single member selection.

JKT48's third original song "Menanti (Waiting)" was sung by the election queen Shani Indira Natio.

"The Despicable Dream / Gesu na Yume" by Feni and Gaby.

The song "Who Made Us Together Meet? / Dare ga Futari wo Deawaseta no ka?" by Amel, Ariella and Tasya.

Pre-order can be through the JKT48 Official Web Shop or at the JKT48 Theater with the option to schedule a handshake for January, February and March for the music card version.