GNZ48 members room ironically getting smaller

Shocking news came from the GNZ48 group, which narrowed dorm rooms for its members.

This news was known after Wang Jiongyi Team Z told a story through the chat room of it's official Pocket48 account .

Wang Jiongyi said that GNZ48 management had moved her room to a new place.

"From the same room occupied by 3 people to 8 people," wrote Wang Jiongyi in the conversation.

It appears in the new GNZ48 dormitory room that looks very narrow and only has one wardrobe available.

Fans who realized this immediately showed protest to Guangzhou Siba as the GNZ48 agency because of this new policy.

However, according to one netter this room is only designed for members who are still in school.

"Is Guangzhou Siba going to go bankrupt first?" Wrote a fan.

"This is basically a very large triple room. It (the new condition) is almost like a campus dormitory bedroom (in China). It's almost impossible for some people to live together, but it's true that a suitcase can't fit (in that place)." denounced other fans.

"The most embarrassing thing is to look down and look up (the bed) at this kind of accommodation, there is no private space at all".

But there are also those who consider it reasonable for members who do not want to incur living expenses.

"It makes sense if you don't want to charge for accommodation. If you are not satisfied, you can go out and live alone, right?".