HKT48 entering 3rd chapter with Tanaka Miku as new Ace

HKT48 has announces their new era as Tanaka Miku entering group's 3rd Chapter following replacement of 2nd era Murashige Anna ...
HKT48 entering 3rd chapter wih Tanaka Miku as new Ace

In the HKT48 concert last night, it was announced that this Japanese idol group will enter the new era following Reiwa.

After the ace Sashihara Rino graduated from the group, HKT48 announced the new center during the concert.

HKT48 announced that Murashige Anna Team KIV will be the center of the group's second era.

Under her rule Anna will lead the group in the second new era of HKT48.

But the funny thing is, at the end of the concert Anna announced that her reign had ended and only lasted 1 hour 45 minutes.

This made the audience laugh.

Then, HKT48 announced the third era of the group with a new center. Tanaka Miku Team H will become the new center of idol groups in the third era of HKT48.