JKT48 Rapsodi MV Review + Reaction

The MV for new original single has arrived, here is full reaction and reviee of JKT48 Rapsodi.
JKT48 Rapsodi MV Review + Reaction

JKT48 finally released their new single titled 'Rapsodi'.

Music video (MV) has been released on JKT48 Youtube channel today.

This single is JKT48's first original single and is not an adaptation song that the public is familiar with in general.

The JKT48 Rapsodi video clip is very fond of the fans and even the people of Indonesia.

Rapsodi's own song is known for its romantic lyrics, tells the story of two lovebirds who are committed to their promises to each other.

Because it is so romantic that many are carried away when they watch Rapsodi JKT48 video clips.

Like what's the romantic story in this MV? Let's see the following review.

Narrated two lovebirds played by the center of the song Rapsodi 'Shani JKT48' and a male talent who has been dating across the ocean of love together.

There are twists and turns of the storm approaching for their relationship, just calm down this storm does not seem to be the culprit!

This stormy relationship apparently was the man who always made mistakes because Shani was too perfect to do wrong.

Apparently this Shani realized there was something wrong with her boyfriend.

Because it has changed, Shani does not want to be shaped on the shoulder!

The man also made a mistake again because he was asked to date instead he was late.

The perfect Shani remained faithful 'Awaits' like her new solo song.

However, this guy did not also come even though it's already sunset.

Just before the call to prayer echoed, the man came in with surprise.

The perfect Shani was pulled to the beach.

Apparently the man surprisingly pulled something out of his magic bag.

Apparently the man brought the ring and proposed his perfect lover to be invited to get married.

It seems like the guy is late because he wants to surprise Shani since he went to the gold shop to buy a ring.

As a result the relationship that was hit by the storm turned 360 degrees to continue to the level of marriage.

JKT48 Rapsodi MV Review + Reaction

Finally the wedding day arrived.

Shani who is already perfect in wearing a wedding dress is becoming more and more an angel.

The wedding party was held in a triangle building, but the guests were senbatsu members.

There is no prelude to any of these styles, Shani is still a member, which can be real!

Finally, these two lovebirds live happily ever after. The other JKT48 members are also very pretty wearing colorful dresses like Pareo.