MNL48 terminates Dani contract following scandal

MNL48 dani scandal dating leads her to graduation and leaving the group, here is the statement
MNL48 terminates Dani contract following scandal

A photo of a man holding a woman who turns out to be Dani MNL48 was viral on the internet.

This made the girl's scandal spread slowly.

MNL48 has decided to stop Dani from all activities at MNL48 starting today.

This announcement was made after HHE traced and followed up on the truth.

On the MNL48 official website, HHE always informed the agency that Dani was dismissed for committing a major offense. Here is an official quote from MNL48: 

MNL48 terminates Dani contract following scandal

"HalloHallo Entertainment (HHE) wants to officially announce that Dani has been dismissed from MNL48 today, January 13, 2020 due to a major violation.  

We would like to reiterate that HHE gives serious attention to all, the rules and regulations set for each member discussed to them and their guardians after signing their contract. 

By completely ignoring and violating the rules set by HHE, management must take immediate action and need to properly deal with this problem.  

HHE Management."