SGO48 opens 2nd generation audition members

SGO48 opens 2nd generation audition members

A year since plunging into the world of Vietnam showbiz, SGO48 reopened member recruitment again in this second year.

The 2nd generation audition was officially announced through official website today.

There are several conditions applied by YAG Entertainment as the agency that oversees SGO48.

(1) Experience Not Required.
(2) Age 12-22 years (born between 1998-2008) and not affiliated with any other company or management.
(3) When it is announced, memberd can decide to sign a contract. 

SGO48 recruitment will be divided into 3 rounds, including online registration.

The first phase of online registration starts from 11-22 January 2020.

In this case the applicant must fill out the information and prepare the requested material.

The second stage of the interview was conducted 11-12 April 2020.

Those who passed the first round will advance to the interview round.

Round 2 details will be updated after the end of the first selection round.

The third stage, training and recruitment, will be held from 9-10 May 2020.

Those who pass the second round will go through the training process and go to the final selection round to become official 2nd gen member of SGO48.

Publication of members of the SGO48 2nd generation will be conducted on May 17, 2020.

SGO48 is a sister group from AKB48 in Vietnam with an "idol you can meet" concert.

They hope to become a "national idol group" in Vietnam.

Therefore, SGO48 girls are trained by Japanese and Vietnamese experts in various fields ranging from vocals, acting, dancing to manners to become comprehensive idols with clean images and say no to scandals.