SKE48's Soyutoko Aruyone total first week salss

Here is the total of SKE48 26th single Soyutoko Aruyone first week sales how many sold is it? More details ...
SKE48's Soyutoko Aruyone total first week salss

Japanese idol group SKE48 has just released their 26th single titled "Soyutoko Aruyone?" on January 15, 2020.

The single topped the ORICON best-selling list of singles sales in Japan.

The SKE48 single also topped the Billboard Japanese best-selling single sales list.

As reported on the Billboard Japan website, the single "Soyutoko Aruyone?" sales continued to increase to 317,305 copies in the first three days, and have sold 342,134 copies this week.

With these figures, SKE48 took the top position on the Billboard JAPAN weekly sales chart as "Top Singles Sales" on January 27, 2020.

In addition to the SKE48 single, the second best selling spot was occupied by Korean boy band "TXT" with "MAGIC HOUR" which sold 98,830 copies.