SNH48 fans reacts to JKT48 original single "Rapsodi"

SNH48 fans reacts to JKT48 original single "Rapsodi"

JKT48 successfully performed its first original single at the Extraordinary Concert - Indonesian Soccer Awards last night.

This is the first time that Rapsodi single has been shown on an Indonesian TV.

Rapsodi managed to become Twitter Indonesia's number one trending topic and bewitched all the fans who watched.

There were also many responses and comments from other 48 Group fans who responded to the performance of JKT48's original single.

One of the interesting responses was a fan of SNH48 Group in China.

He was unable to use YouTube and Twitter, Chinese fans watched JKT48 Rapsodi's appearance from user that upload the video on Weibo.

Then, how did they react to this original JKT48 single?

"Pretty good", "decent enough", "Beautiful arent they", "Pretty satisfactory", "The songs are good, the choreography is good, but the video cameraman isn't strong", "Actually it's really good", "Sounds amazing! It feels like a series soundtrack TV program for young idols, "" The music is very good".