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SNH48 Group sent 10 members for Qing Chun You Ni Season 2

SNH48 Group sent 10 members for Qing Chun You Ni Season 2

Qing Chun You Ni 2 or popularly known as "Idol Producer" before, will begin in 2020.

Some names of trainees have been confirmed to take part in this iQiyi China survival program.

As announced in the sixth SNH48 general election last July, the SNH48 Group declared participating for the first time in the survival program.

Not only SNH48 itself, their sister group, BEJ48 members will also be included in this program.

The trainees from SNH48 and GNZ48 have been revealed.

SNH48 sent 8 members they are Mo Han (SII), Zhang Yuge (SII), Xu Jiaqi (SII), Song Xinran (X), Dai Meng (SII), Sun Rui (SII), Fei Qinyuan (HII), and Xu Yangyuzhuo (OH).

BEJ48 was only represented by 2 girls, Duan Yixuan (B) and Su Shanshan (E).

Earlier in December, they had filmed for the promotion of Qing Chun You Ni in Guangzhou.

They are now preparing a performance appearance for Qing Chun You Ni 2 at the GNZ48 hostel.

The filming of the Qing Chun You Ni S2 program is rumored to be centered in Guangzhou and the 10 members will focus there while waiting for filming to begin.