3 SNH48 members left the group with uncertain reasons

List of three SNH48 members that has left the group with unknown reasons and they're not graduate nor resign, here is the story..
snh48 graduate hiatus resign members

Not a good news came from a very popular idol group in mainland China, SNH48, for this time SNH48 have to lose 3 members at a time that was only a few days apart.

For whatever reason these three members left SNH48, according to the news they were graduates, but on the one hand there were those who stated that they were on hiatus and there were those who said they were on hiatus then graduates.

If the three of them are on hiatus and graduate, their status will be unoficially graduated from SNH48. Here they are:

1. Yuan DanNi (SNH48 Team SII)

Yuan DanNi or Koala herself is a 3rd generation member who was promoted to Team SII on 5 September 2014, Koala's career at SNH48 is quite well known because she is often seen in the theater.

Unfortunately on a news came on January 4, 2020, right that day Koala is declared a graduate and her profile on the website has been added to the hiatus list, it is likely that Koala is an unoficially graduate. But she was seen updating her weibo account last on January 10, 2020.

2. Ma Fan (SNH48 Team NII)

This 8th generation member is a very active member on the theater and SNH48 events.

The girl who is often called Xiaohei from the beginning was already in Team NII but was transferred to Team Ft and shortly after that she was close to her original team and after Team Ft was disbanded, she returned to Team NII.

However, on January 11, 2020 she was declared a graduate and her profile entered the hiatus list on the website.

3. Xie Ni (SNH48 Team NII) aka Nizi

This first gen member with Yuan DanNi is a member of the Color Girls unit, her career at SNH48 is quite famous because she gets decent ranks several times in General Election.

But unfortunately Nizi must be declared a graduate on January 11, 2020 together with Ma Fan and her profile on the website has been entered into the hiatus list.