SNH48 rumored to disband sub-unit 7SENSES

SNH48 rumored to disband sub-unit 7SENSES

Surprising news came from the SNH48 Sub Unit, 7SENSES / SEN7ES, where the units formed in 2017 will officially be disbanded this year.

7SENSES consists of several SNH48 members who incidentally are popular members at SNH48, they're Diamond (Dai Meng), Bee (Kong XiaoYin ), Kiki (Xu JiaQi), Tako (Zhang YuGe), Akira (Zhao Yue), Eliwa (Xu YangYuZhou) & Lynn (Chen Lin).

7SENSES news will be dispersed after tehey released an MV for the song "We Are" today.

In the MV contains snippets of pictures from all activities during 7SENSES career.

This is reinforced by a comment that came from the SNH48 dance instructor who often accompanied 7SENSES since their debut.

The following are comments from the SNH48 dance instructor:

"Heartbreaking. Thank you to everyone who has supported 734 (7Senses). My luck is being able to work with them (7senses) along their career path. We try our best but they will deserve better. 7SENSES, we will see you in the future ".

Looking back, 7Senses was formed with 4 first generation members and it is no secret that the first generation members will terminate their contracts after 8 years, so it is not surprising that 7Senses is dissolved, because 4 members will soon graduate from SNH48 (since the first generation contract will soon end).

7SENSES became the first unit of SNH48 which was quite successful for an Idol Group unit, where during its career, they have traveled the world in the music scene of China, South Korea and Japan.

The subunit has also released 4 singles, 1 album and 1 digital single (Korean Ver.).

And also in 2020 7SENSES will release a single which is in the form of Forever and will be the last single.

7SENSES were also trained in South Korea using the K-pop system and during the career the musical elements presented were very diverse.

Not only that 7Senses has also received several awards at such prestigious events:

24th Chinese Music Award 2017
Asia Artist Awards di Korea Selatan 2017
Soridaba Best K-Music Award 2018.