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These BEJ48 and GNZ48 members already left the group surprisingly

These BEJ48 and GNZ48 members already left the group surprisingly

No one knows for sure about how a member is declared a graduate or hiatus at SNH48 Group, but that can be known from the presence of members on theater, events and also through the official website.

This happened to 3 members of BEJ48, where all three of them turned out to have been graduates for a long time, but the fans didn't know that, the three members were Yan Xin (BEJ48 Team B), Hu LiZhi (BEJ48 Team B) & Li ShiYan ( BEJ48 Team E).

These three members have been declared graduates from the group some time ago and their profiles on the website have been included in the ranks of hiatus members.

The following will be discussed briefly about the three members:

Yan Xin (BEJ48 Team B) aka Jojo

Jojo was declared a graduate from BE48 on January 2, 2020, no one knows for sure why Jojo graduated from BEJ48 but it was known when Jojo had not used her Weibo account and her profile was added to the hiatus list.

She is the 3rd generation member of BEJ48 who joined in January 2018.

Hu LiZhi (BEJ48 Team B)

LiZhi is a 2nd generation member who entered last March 2017, LiZhi was a popular member on BEJ48, but it turned out that on November 25, 2019, LiZhi was declared a graduate and her profile was added to the hiatus list.

Li ShiYan (BEJ48 Team E) aka Rainy

She is a transfer member of SNH48 and is in the 6th generation of SNH48, Rainy was transferred to BEJ48 before becoming an SNH48 trainee on 6th January 2016.

Rainy is an active member of the theater, but it turns out Rainy has been a graduate for a long time, precisely on October 19, 2019 and her profile has been added to the hiatus list.

There are two GNZ48 members who have been declared graduates of the group since a few months ago, it is not known for sure the reason why they both graduated but apparently they have not been together with GNZ48 for several months.

The two members are:

These BEJ48 and GNZ48 members already left the group surprisingly

Sun Xin (GN48 Team NIII)

The transfer member of SNH48 joined SNH48's 6th Generation but before joining as an SNH trainee, Sun Xin and others were transferred to GNZ48 when GNZ48 was formed, Sun Xin was a popular and active member in the theater.

But on October 19, 2019 Sun Xin was declared a graduate.

Lai ZiXi (GNZ48 Team Z)

Lai ZiXi was a member of SHY48 who was transferred when Request Hour began in early 2019 and SHY48 was officially disbanded.

ZiXi is a member who survived because she was transferred to GNZ48 not to IDOL'S Ft.

However, ZiXi's journey with GNZ48 was not long enough because on October 5, 2019 she was declared graduate without a definite reason.