Xie LeiLei and Yi JiaAi completes military service

SNH48 group members were on military services and their duty already finished, xie leilei and yi jiaai
Xie LeiLei and Yi Jiaai completes military service

In China there is an obligation for college students to be "Military Training".

This is similar to what is done in the country of South Korea but this difference also applies to girls and short periods.

Two members of the SNH48 Group this year apparently were carrying out military service obligations.

Xie LeiLei and Yi JiaAi completes military service

They are Yi Jiaai SNH48 Team NII and junior Xie Leilei GNZ48 Team G.

Both are known to be in the same school.

Aichan and Hana underwent a period of 14 days of military training starting in early January.

Shenzhen University where both of them went to upload some photos of military training showing Xie Leilei in uniforms like soldiers.

Indeed, every university will know that its student is an idol.

Yi Jiaai and Xie Leilei were happy to finally finish the training.

Hana even said that she missed the GNZ48 theater that she had left for 2 weeks.