Yamaguchi Maho returns to showbiz

Yamagichi Maho returns to showbiz

Yamaguchi Maho was finally able to start her career as an artist through a drama, this being Mahohon's first drama after leaving NGT48 and she will start her career in the drama.

Mahohon will play a role in the drama titled "Shiro Demo Kuro Demo Nai Sekai de" as a bullied employee.

The drama will begin airing on January 12, 2020.

This is the beginning of Mahohon's career in the entertainment world as an actress.

As you well know, Yamaguchi Maho is a former member of NGT48 who left in 2019 because of an issue that happened to her, Mahohon had stopped for a moment from the entertainment world to calm herself down and after that Mahohon began to return to the world of entertainment especially as a magazine models.

Mahohon often appears in magazines, both regular magazines and gravure magazines.

Mahohon has a lot of good support from fans, her seniors in the entertainment world, even many state officials who support Mahohon until now Mahohon can breathe with relief without the slightest pressure.