AKB48 Shinobu Mogi is reportedly dating a girl

New dating scandal from AKB48 controversial member Shinobu Mogi as she caught up dating someone and its a girl ...
AKB48 shinobu mogi dating scandal

AKB48 member Mogi Shinobu is rumored to have a relationship with a tomboyish woman.

This is known after a fan on Twitter revealed some pics of the similarity of clothes worn between Mogi and the woman

This fan account is not a personal user and is an anonymous account that was intentionally created to reveal this.

AKB48 shinobu mogi dating scandal pacar

In the uploaded photo, they said that Mogi had something to do with often wearing the same clothes and rings.

AKB48 shinobu mogi foto skandal graduation

The fan also revealed that the Instagram account belongs to the tomboy woman.

They even pointed out that the woman had seen a romantic dinner with Mogi Shinobu.
This can be seen from the video that there is a similarity between the shape of the lower teeth between the women who are beside the tomboyish girl and Mogi.

Even so there is no clarity about this rumor, both Mogi and AKB48 also have not provided clarification.