AKB48 Team TP announces units "Daisy, Bellflower and Sakura"

New AKB48 Team TP three units will called Fengling Cao, Yinghua, Xiao Chuju sub unit official but named as teams ...
AKB48 Team TP announces units "Daisy, Bellflower and Sakura"

Through their official SNS account today, AKB48 Team TP officially announced the change in the name of the team or unit formed some time ago.

Previously the names of these three units were given a temporary naming, A, B, and C.

Team A will be renamed 'Daisy / Xiao Chuju (小 雛菊)' with the official color of light yellow.

Team B changed its name to 'Bellflower / Fengling Cao (風鈴 草)' in light blue.

Team C got the name 'Sakura / Yinghua (櫻花)' and the official color is pink.

The AKB48 TP Team also announced important matters related to the unit names above.

The three teams will hold a concert together in March 2020.

Fans are waiting for further announcements.

Actually this cannot be called a team but a unit.

In the interim mention of the name, the AKB48 Team TP uses the name 'Zhu (組)' which, if interpreted, has a group or group meaning.

In mandarin, the team is more often translated as 'Dui (队)'.

Basically the name AKB48 Team TP already wearing a team would be better if we called them as a unit. AKB48 Team TP also suggested to call these three teams with units.