Details on BNK48 x The Ska project for creator academy

Bangkok idol group, BNK48 announces their project with The Ska for creator academy, here full details ...
Details on BNK48 x The Ska project for creator academy

BNK48 announces collaboration with the famous comedian content creator The Ska for some time, starting from advertisements, videos and other content.

Today BNK48 and The Ska held a press conference where they announced they will do the first project as a sign of their seriousness, the project was to establish "The Ska Talent Management".

The Ska Talent Management is the first project formed by BNK48 & The Ska.

This project aims to develop creative content and facilitate young people in Thailand to innovate in the world-famous platform, YouTube.

The Ska Talent Management's first project is Young Creator Bootcamp.

For those of you lads in Thailand who want to challenge yourselves in a career, especially becoming a famous YouTuber, then The Ska Talent Management: Young Creator Bootcamp is ready to accept and is ready to guide young people to succeed in the youtube world.

It is still unknown when this project will start, but it looks like the beginning of this project will show BNK48 with The Ska as the person behind the formation of The Ska Talent Management.

For detailed information and details will be informed later on and for those of you who live in Thailand, don't waste this golden opportunity to become a famous YouTubers in Thailand even in the world by following The Ska Talent Management: Young Creator Bootcamp.