Suda Akari has warned SKE48 fans

SKE48 has to read this Suda Akari's tweets and statement, she's told her fans to ...
Suda Akari has warned SKE48 fans

Recently Suda Akari was abused by some other group's "fans" on SNS, through her official Twitter account today, she has to say something using Thread.

Though there’re some fans of other groups strike at me, some even went out of their way to reply my tweet, I would be sad if I found that my fans also did the same. So, really, please don’t do that. 

Even it’s something that you would say to praise your favorite group, it’s a waste! Because everyone would absolutely recognize what’s really great, so take it easy. It is good that Suda oshis continue to keep calm. 

Understanding the sad feeling is human’s strenght, it leads to compassion. From now on, please keep being a person who respects others. I also love SKE. I was saved by the people who support me. 

So, even if you say it in order to liven things up at any place, be sure to put some more love in your words and actions.