Takahashi Nanami to graduate from NGT48

An announcement from NGT48 research student aka trainee, Takahashi Nanami has decide to graduate, here is why ...
Takahashi Nanami to graduate from NGT48

The NGT48 theater performance titled "Party ga Hajimaru yo" today, was surprised by the announcement of the graduation of one of its members.

An NGT48 trainee named Takahashi Nanami announced her graduation from the group at the evening's performance.

"I started thinking about leaving the group last June, but I couldn't take the first step. My main reason was my anxiety about my future," Nanamin told fans on the stage.

Nanamin is very grateful to the seniors and colleagues at kenkyuusei.

Nanami said that she wanted to enjoy her days with fans that had only one month left.

As NGT48 informed about this, Nanami's last handshake event will be held in March.

Graduation performances will also be held that month and announced in more detail in the future.