Tsukiashi Amane to graduate from HKT48

HKT48 4th gen member Tsukiashi Amane announces graduation, here is why Amane grad ...
Tsukiashi Amane to graduate from HKT48

One of HKT48 member, Tsukiashi Amane, today announced her graduation from HKT48.

This was conveyed by Amachan after the Team TII theater show, Te wo Tsunaginagara today.

The reason for Amachan graduate is to look for something / new experience.

Amachan is a HKT48 member from the fourth generation who joined on July 12, 2016 and was promoted during the 6th anniversary of HKT48 on November 26, 2017.

Amane Tsukiashi has won senbatsu positions in two HKT48 singles namely Bagutte Iijan & Kiss wa Matsushikanai no Deshouka?

Amachan will officially end all of he4 activities with HKT48 on 30 March 2020.