Ara has been dismissed and Chika got suspended by JKT48

Double date scandal of JKT48 members Zahra Nur Ara and Yessica Tamara Chika, both have been punished. Here full management statement.
Ara has been fired and Chika got suspended by JKT48

Following latest double date scandal with boyband members from UN1TY, JKT48 has issued full statement regarding Zahra Nur Khaula a.k.a Ara and Yessica Tamara a.k.a Chika. Zara has been dismissed. 

Here is full statement from JKT48 official website: 

"Thank you for your support for JKT48. Regarding the photo of Zahra Nur that circulated on social media a few days ago, the person concerned has given an explanation and clarification that is not in accordance with the truth to the management and all the fans. 

We deeply regret this situation. After the discrepancy of the facts was discovered, management has attempted to communicate with the person concerned to ask for clarification. 

After more than a week of trying to contact Zahra Nur, the person concerned did not show good faith in communicating and did not fulfill the call given by the management. 

Due to the violation of obligations and regulations as a member, starting today the person concerned is no longer registered as a member of JKT48. 

So, all of her activities are no longer related to JKT48. Information regarding the video call refund with the person concerned will be announced later. Please understand and thank you. JKT48 Operation Team." 

Meanwhile Chika says on the Instagram Live and admitted it was her, she apologizes for the invonvenience caused and will accept any punishment given by JKT48 management.