GNZ48 Zheng Yiwen has been fired due to ridiculous scandal

Zheng Yiwen scandal lead her to be fired from GNZ48, the trainee member were breaking more than one company rules.
GNZ48 Zheng Yiwen has been fired due to ridiculous scandal

GNZ48 has terminated of it's member Zheng Yiwen contract. The trainee girl was caught breaking the company rules. 

She did a live broadcast on another platform with an unknown guy, and her name instantly had been removed from the GNZ48 official website and Pocket48 app. 

Context (Video):


Zheng YiWen closed her pocket room yesterday night. From what happened, she was streaming last night but there was almost 0 comments in her stream. 

Her roommate, Cheng Hongyu was streaming at the same time and getting crowns and lots of chicken legs. Cheng Hongyu is very popular for a kenkyuusei.

Zheng Yiwen felt bad and closed the stream. This probably has nothing to do with whatever happened tonight. 

Then some time tonight, people came across a stream on 虎牙 (a streaming platform) and saw Zheng Yiwen in this male streamer's stream. 

And the contents of the stream were very ridiculous. They were kinda dubious like. Maid outfit. 

The interactions too. When Zheng Yiwen stepped out for a moment, the dude made a hilarious comment would have make any normal girls angry. 

The stream started gaining traffic and according to the person who spoke to LBS, the streamer booked and  ordered. 

These are the word they used her off an app. Person speaking to LBS refused to name the app but said that it's essentially some kind of compensated of a dating app.

He then exchanged contact with her and then started asking for pictures so she sent him fantakens several airport pics from when GNZ was heading to Shanghai for elections. 

They discussed and then agreed upon the streamer making 10 orders and then ZYW would go meet him. If he is satisfied then he would make 10 additional orders 

Jiang Yuhang lost her head and posted in her account, asking if people knew who this man was and his address, she needs to go protect a sister because this was a matter of safety for Zheng Yiwen. 

But according to LBS, Zheng Yiwen did this knowingly so Yuhang was probably in the dark, also said that Zheng Yiwen is her best friend. And then the posts she made about this gets deleted.

GNZ48 removed ZYW from the list of members on Pocket48 and the official website.

GNZ put out a notice saying they are terminating their contract with her and firing her.