GNZ48 selling Ai Weiyang merchandise went viral

One of GNZ48 song has just won SNH48 Group Request Hour ranked first, Ai Weiyan gone viral because of it's merchandise.
GNZ48 Ai Weiyang merchandise went viral

GNZ48 has announced that they will release a merchandise "AI WEIYANG". 

It is because Ai Weiyang is ranked #1 song on SNH48 Request Time 7th Edition Best 50 2021. 

Pre Order will be open on the GNZ48 official website on October 22, 2021 19:00-21:30 local time. 

The merch gone viral in China because of the price tag set by management for what they get is does not make sense for some fans.

Here are the details of CP Danke Merchandise "AI WEIYANG": 

Auction version "Ai Weiyang" Photo Album Starting price: 698 Yuan. 

1. Photo Album of 2 copies (1 copy each for Chen Ke's version and Zheng Danni's version) 

2. Chen Ke and Zheng Danni's Travel diaries each (contains 1 page of handwritten diaries each). 

3. Polaroid photo signed by two people *1 

4. Themed Film * 1 roll 

5. Inner Seal (random) *1 

Photo Album "Love Weiyang" Chen Ke/Zheng Danni 1st Edition Offer Starting price: 368 Yuan 

1. Photo Album *1 

2. Matched member single-signed polaroid *1 

3. Themed Film * 1 roll 

4. Inner Seal (random) *1 

Photo Album "Love Weiyang" Version Chen Ke/Zheng Danni Price: 228 yuan 

1. Photo Album *1, 

2. Themed Film * 1 roll 

3. internal cover letter*1 (random) 

Purchase Rules: 

1. When you buy 5 copies of "Ai Weiyang" Photobook, you can get additional Polaroid single/double photos*1 (random), special signature coupon "Ai Weiyang" *2 

2. When you buy 10 copies of "Ai Weiyang" Photobook, you can get additional single/double Polaroid *2 (random) photos, special signature coupon "Ai Weiyang" & one group photo coupon each The rules for the special event commemorating "Love Weiyang" will be announced later.