Tracklist: CGM48 1st album Eien Pressure

CGM48 first album Eien Pressure full tracklist songs released here mlre details info about members and more.
Tracklist: CGM48 1st album Eien Pressure

CGM48 will open Pre-Order for its first Album titled "Eien Pressure". 

This pre order will start at Shopee Thailand for THB 1000. 

For the tracklist itself, as usual, only Eien Pressure, Mali special version (maybe there is a significant change from the old Mali song to the new one). 

Also all single songs and coupling songs belonging to CGM48 Tracklist CGM48 1st Album " Eien Pressure " 

M1. Eien Pressure (NEW) 
M2. Mali (Special Version) 
M3. Chiang Mai 106 
M4. Onegai Valentine 
M5. CGM48 
M6. Melon Juice 
M7. Otona e no Michi 
M8. Dareka no Tame 
M9. Mali 
M10. Chain of Love 
M11. Anata ga Ite kureta kara 
M12 - M13. off vocals M1 M2