7 new CKG48 members revealed

CKG48 announces 7 new members during theater stage. Here is full lists all of their names.
7 new CKG48 members revealed

At the end of yesterday's "Putong Putong" theater stage, CKG48 announced the 7 members of their 5th Generation.

These 7 members debuted with the song "Suzukake wa Love Song". Here are their names:

• Chen YinLing (Mori)
• Fu MeiShan (ShanShan)
• Liu YuTing (Saeki)
• Luo YuTing (LuoLuo)
• Xie JinNan (Jinan)
• Zhang Fan (JiuJiu)
• Zhu RuiYuan (Xiao Yuan)

Not only that, it was also announced that "Te wo Tsunaginagara" will be the next stage of CKG48. 

Previously, a fan vote was held to choose between the 4 setlists, and "Te wo Tsunaginagara" got the highest vote