Chou Chiaan 'Anan' to take hiatus from AKB48 Team TP

Thought she is graduate, but Anan aka Chou Chian-an AKB48 Team TP will take hiatus from the group.
Chou chiaan anan AKB48 Team TP hiatus

Today AKB48 Team TP 2nd generation member Chou Chiaan has announced she will be in hiatus. 

Anan posted on her blog. 

"Hello everyone, this is AKB48 Team TP's Chou Chiaan. First of all, my apologies to the fans. I had to refrain from activities because I wanted to take the university entrance exam."

"After talking to the company and my family, I have decided to suspend activities in AKB48 Team TP from November 1, 2021 to study." 

"I hope everyone will continue to support me. Thank you fans for always supporting me. Hope we can meet again."