HKT48 Unjo Hirona gets her first photobook

Wow Nappi PB, congrats. Unjo Hirona to release her 1st Photobook. Details TBA by HKT48 later.
HKT48 Unjo Hirona gets her first photobook

During today's show HKT48 member Unjo Hirona announce she will release first photobook 

This Nappi photobook will be released to commemorate her solo stage. 

More details regarding her 1st PB will be announced later.

Unjo Hirona says, "The details will follow later today. But we've already got it, and it has quite a lot of pages. Also normally when I have my picture taken I have to put on a smile, but in this one you can see me laugh naturally a lot! I'd like you to see the "natural Hirona". 

An update: Title for Unjo Hirona 1st Photobook is "WHITE" and will be released in 17 December 2021.