Tracklist: BNK48 Charaline Project "Verb of Feeling"

Here is full details on BNK48 Charaline Project Verb of Feeling more tracklist songs included.
Tracklist: BNK48 Charaline Project

BNK48 has today announces of their Charaline Project “Verb of Feeling” Tracklist. 

Chara-line = Elders' line (something like KPOP Unnie line if you may)

Charaline is the group that contains members who are the oldest in BNK48.

They will have a fanmeet between December 25th and 26th!

1. Anata to Christmas Eve – คำสัญญาแห่งคริสต์มาสอีฟ (Kaew’s ver.)
2. Yokaze no Shiwaza – พระจันทร์เสี้ยว (Tarwaan’s ver.)
3. High Tension (Namneung’s ver.)
4. Kimi wa Melody – เธอคือ...เมโลดี้ (Noey’s ver.)
5. RIVER (Orn’s ver.) 

Those will be available in: 

1. Vinyl Edition 
2. Photobook + Music Card Edition
3. Music Card Edition. 

More details to follow and will be announced later through BNK48 Official Facebook Page.