About Dot Rose, a group formed by former SKE48 Niidoi Sayaka

Former SKE48 Niidoi Sayaka forms a new girlgroup named Dot Rose, here is how she did it.
About Dot Rose, a group formed by former SKE48 Niidoi Sayaka

Ex-SKE48 member Niidoi Sayaka produced an idol group called Dot Rose which debuted on August 9, 2021. 

Niidoi Sayaka joins the 5th generation of SKE48. 

At that time, Niidoi Sayaka was in college which made her unable to keep up with her activities as an idol, even taking a year off from college. 

As a result, Niidoi Sayaka became an idol in SKE48 for only 2 years. 

After graduating from college, Niidoi Sayaka worked as an office clerk. 

However, because Niidoi Sayaka loves dancing and singing, Niidoi Sayaka also teaches dance in dance classes. 

In this dance class, Niidoi Sayaka not only teaches dancing to children from 48Group idols, to Hello! Project that become her students. 

Until one day, the Yoghurt Company from Aichi, Aichi Yoke Ltd., gave her a sponsor to create a new idol group. 

Dot Rose recruited eight members ranging in age from 6th grade to 3rd grade of junior high school. 

Niidoi Sayaka is currently producing everything from costume selection, song making, and choreography making. 

Dot Rose itself a group based in Nagoya. 

Dot Rose has also worked with the Idol group produced by Kitagawa Ryoha (ex-SKE48 6th Generation). 

In addition, Niidoi Sayaka was also assisted by Miyawaki Riko (ex-SKE48 6th Generation) in producing this Dot Rose group.