Chart: KEP1ER Visual Ranking Update Our Version

Here is our KEP1ER Visual Rank, who is the most beautiful member in Kep1er? Full chart and explained.
KEP1ER Visual Ranking Update Our Version

It's no secret that every girl group has its own visual. 

This proves that there are fans who pay attention to every detail of the group in question. The Kep1er Visual Rank is no exception. 

The nine members of Kep1er girls are all beautiful. 

But who is the most beautiful of these gems? 

We summarized it with data from social media and filtered out which member names were mentioned the most with the word "Beautiful" and the like in top 10 different languages.

The result is as follows: 

1. Shen Xiaoting (most beautiful) 
2. Kim Chaehyun
3. Kang Yeseo
4. Huening Bahiyyih
5. Kim Dayeon
6. Ezaki Hikaru
7. Seo Youngeun
8. Sakamoto Mashiro
9. Choi Yujin

KEP1ER Visual Rank Most Beautiful Member

Do you agree with that?

Disclaimer: The results of the KEP1ER Visual Ranking above are very subjective. This means that their version of beauty may not be the same as yours and it is normal.