IVE Visual Ranking: Who rank first as most beautiful members?

We have our tools to filter public opinions on IVE visual ranking and we got surprise results in rank. Full details here.
IVE Visual Ranking

Who is rank first on IVE Visual Ranking? It is undeniable, since the SNSD days, K-Pop girl groups have always had their own visuals. 

Although it is always been a debate, but it is a natural and normal thing. 

That's why we write a disclaimer in this paragraph that the visual IVE that we write here is very subjective. 

Subjective means that it cannot be used as an absolute reference, because visual based on physical actually can be different for each of us. 

We use realistic data from three different social media based on the public's opinion to the most beautiful members on IVE.

We use our own tools to filter certain keywords followed by the name of each member. And then here is our version of the IVE Visual Ranking results: 

IVE Visual Ranking: Who rank first as most beautiful members

1. Wonyoung
2. Liz 
3. Leeseo 
4. Yujin
5. Gaeul 
6. Rei

For a lot of people in certain countries, Liz's visual is something else and looking special for them so we understand.

IVE maknae Leeseo ranked third and surprisingly above leader An Yujin. 

That's it, our own version of IVE Visual Ranking and wonder if it's suits your rank version.