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JKT48 10th generation members revealed

JKT48 10th generation members revealed

During the pandemic, 10th generation members of JKT48 were canceled. 

All of them going elsewhere. And no one knows if they will be back or when they will be back. 

On today's JKT48 10th Anniversary Kick-off Conference concert, the new tenth generation members were unveiled with new faces coming in than their previous ones.

JKT48 10th generation members:

1. Alla Giselle Maharani (Giselle)
2. Amanda Puspita (Amanda)
3. Aurelia (Lia)
4. Callista Alifia (Callie)
5. Gabriela Abigail M. (Ella)
6. Indira Putri Seruni (Indira)
7. Jesslyn Elly (Lyn)
8. Raisha Shifa W. (Raisha)