BNK48 11th single Sayonara Crawl with four centers

Congratulations BNK48 you make history now, 11th single Sayonara Crawl with 4 centersa and 32 members including from CGM48.
BNK48 11th single Sayonara Crawl with four centers

Today BNK48 announces their 11th Single Title, it is "Sayonara Crawl" (さよならクロール). 

32 members lined up for this single's senbatsu including CGM48 members.

There will be 4-Centers for the single that means they set their own record with four members at the center for a single.

Center for BNK48 Sayonara Crawl are: 

Music (BNK48 1st Gen),
Fond (BNK48 2nd Gen)
Paeyah (BNK48 3rd Gen) 
Champoo (CGM48 1st Gen) 

Senbatsu Members: 

Team BIII (BNK48) : Jennis, Pun, Cherprang Noey, Jane, Wee, Kaew, MinMin, Miori
Team NIV (BNK48) : Mobile, Music, Gygee, Tarwaan, Namneung, Stang, Phukkhom, Fond, New, Orn, Pupe
Trainee (BNK48) : Paeyah, Hoop, Peak, PamPam, Mean, Fame
Team C (CGM48) : Aom
CGM48 : Champoo, Kaning, Fortune, Marmink, Sita. 

Sayonara Crawl was AKB48's 31st single where the senbatsu contains members from JKT48 and SNH48.

Updated: Pre-orders for BNK48's 11th Single "Sayonara Crawl" begins. 

1. Sayonara Crawl
2. First Rabbit
3. TBA
4. Sayonara Crawl (Off Vocal ver.)
5. First Rabbit (Off Vocal ver.)