Ishihara Satomi announces she is in pregnant

Actress Ishihara Satomi has announced her pregnancy, here is what she said on her statement.
Ishihara Satomi announces she is in pregnant

Ishihara Satomi announces that she is currently pregnant with her first child. 

She is already in stable period and expected to give birth in spring.

Ishihara Satomi announces her marriage with a non-celebrity man back in October 2020. 

Regarding her pregnancy, Ishihara Satomi said, "I’m sorry for my personal affairs, but I would like to report that I’m currently having my first child. We have safely reached a stable period & currently spending calm days together."

The due date is around Spring. 

"I would like to continue to put my baby first while working at my own pace for my favorite works.

We would be grateful if you could warmly watch over us. Thank you to all the people who we are indebted to and those who are always supporting us."