NMIXX Visual Rank, fairest member ranking

Who is the most beautiful members? Here is our version of NMIXX Visual ranking with fairest metrics as per usual.
Rank NMIXX visual ranking

Full NMIXX Visual Rank. Each girl group has its own visual.

It has become commonplace since the era of SNSD and Wonder Girls until now. 

NMIXX is no exception, as a rising rookie group, of course, they have their own visuals. 

Then what is the NMIXX Visual Rank like? And what are the factors that give them a rating? the following is a summary.

BAE Jinsol
Sullyoon (Seol YoonA)

What is the rating based on? 
We use social media metrics to filter out specific keywords followed by NMIXX member names. 

This is the fairest way so far, and we do it transparently. 

That's our version of the NMIXX Visual Ranking, what rank is your idol? Other people's/platform's versions of metrics may differ from ours, and that's normal as this kind of ranks are very subjective whether it is ours or your version.