Shi ZhuJun is reportedly to leave GNZ48

GNZ48 member Shi ZhuJun dating issue seems hit her that much, as she is reportedly to graduate.
Shi ZhuJun has left GNZ48

Today's theater show could be the last day for Shi ZhuJun as GNZ48 member since she is reportedly leaving the group.

Only few weeks ago the Team NIII member was diagnosed with depression. 

Shi Zhujun will also to take a break from the industry. 

2021 might be tough year for Shi Zhujun as she hit by a lot of issues.

Throwback to last year issue when Pan Yingqi exposing Shi ZhuJun and Lin Zhi for dating seems too much for her.

Update: Shi Zhujun has left GNZ48.

Shi ZhuJun joined GNZ48 as a 8th generation member and debuted back in 2020.