Some surprising facts on BNK48 First Rabbit MV

BNK48 3rd generation First Rabbit MV has been released, here are some interesting facts about the music video.
Some surprising facts on BNK48 First Rabbit MV

The BNK48 3rd Generation "First Rabbit" MV releaed, here's some interesting facts about the music video (48time):

The filming location for the MV BNK48 3rd Generation 'First Rabbit' is located in PomProm Paradise, Chiang Mai, an amusement park that has long been abandoned due to many mystical events.

In the MV the selected members are described as a bunch of rabbits who are injured and running away from being chased by 'something'.

Seen a black shadow figure that is not widely known by the audience chasing the members and in this MV the members do not run away from zombie attacks.

A cockroach in one scene is indeed a real cockroach but it is dead and one of their member named Yoghurt who knows this is actually not afraid but feels amused.

The isshou worn by the members has two meanings, white is defined as rabbit fur and red is wound/blood according to the lyrics in the song.

Actually the ishhou used has a lace like rabbit fur and looks like plain white.

The two centers, Paeyah and Hoop, wear hats in the shape of rabbit ears and red shoelaces.

According to Santirade Kadchadakum (uniform designer in the MV) it has meaning according to the personalities of its members.

BNK48 3rd Generation 'First Rabbit' MV and MV for CGM48 'Eien Pressure' are still one production crew.

The lyrics of the song First Rabbit, performed by BNK48, were translated by AUTTA (a rapper who wrote the rap on BNK48's original song 'D.AAA' and LYRA 'Vanilla'). 

Although only 16 members were chosen as senbatsu, in the MV all 18 third generation members were involved.

The grass filled with mud was deliberately used by BNK48 because at that time the MV was held after it rained and adjusted to the lyrics in the song.

It is rumored that this MV will have its own mini series made by BNK48 and the third generation members will also be involved.