Hinatazaka46's Kosaka Nao returns from eight-months hiatus

Despite graduation rumors, Kosaka Nao is now returned to Hinatazaka46 and is ready to perform again.
Hinatazaka46's Kosaka Nao returns from eight-months hiatus

Hinatazaka46 member Kosaka Nao has returned to the group after 8 months hiatus due to bad physical condition.

Nao Kosaka posted a blog post of her comeback and says she is ready to perform again.

Here is what she said:


It's been a while.
Kosaka Nao here,

How has everyone been?
I'd like to make announcement to everyone now.

Since the end of June of last year, I have been on hiatus.
From this point forward, I will be continuing my activities.

I can't say that I've fully recovered yet, but after consulting with the staff that have supported me until now, I think I can gradually and slowly ramp up the work

During my rest period, to everyone who's been sending me their support.
I've properly received all those the messages and letters
I'm very happy. Thank you very much.

Personally speaking, I have a lot of anxieties.
I don't know if I can continue well, even if it takes time,
I think I can spend a wonderful time with everyone once again.

Although little by little
If you support me again, I'll be very happy.

I will end it here
The announcement of the Revival of Osaka.
Well then see ya~

Thank you for reading.

Kosaka Nao