Aulia Asyira Basarestu JKT48 member was a model

aulia asyira basarestu jkt48 graduate issues

JKT48 fans were surprised when they found that 11th generation member, Aulia Asyira Basarestu was an underground model.

Aulia was born in Bandung, West Java, in 19 January 2007. 

She was listed on ModelBandung page with height 167 cm and weight 48 kg. 

Aulia Asyira has a hobby of DJ, acting and dancing skill.

Aulia was used to be active on her TikTok @auliaaassy with 5k followers.

JKT48 fans reacts:

"So she was a sociabuzz model."

"Bandung at it again."

"I wonder her random moves video on TikTok looks like."

"These pictures really got me. If you know, you know.