Former JKT48 Kyla talking about Love Ban rule in the group

Former JKT48 Kyla talks on Love Ban rule in the group

Former JKT48 member Hasyakyla Utami aka Kyla addressing situation on one of group's Golden Rules, love ban rule. 

Through her Twitter, Kyla said it is on the contract. 

A fan asked her if such rule truly exist and apply for all members?

"Simply put, the rules actually exist. But then again it's up to them (members) if they want to stick to the rules or not." 

"Anyone got exposed for breaking the rules, will be punished. It happened. Unfortunately, one rule for one, and one for another. Kind of unfair punishment for certain members. Depending on the members contribution to the group."

In SKE48, there's Love Ban rule in the group according to Churi on her SHOWROOM. 

In JKT48, Golden Rules consist of more than one strict rules. Love Ban is just one of them. 

Some of them are generally known, such as smoking is prohibited and members must maintain the group's reputation.
It might not be that popular for international fans, but love ban rule is part of business as Japanese fans seeing it as the main valuation of an idol group and is one of biggest reasons behind AKB48 Group's popularity.