Quỳnh Alee speak up on her recent viral video

Viral Quynh Alee videos were leaked on internet with ex boyfriend allegedly sharing the link of full clip to public in Reddit
quynh alee viral video clip

A Vietnamese gamer, streamer, and influencer, Quỳnh Alee has speak up about recent videos linked to her.

Quynh Alee is a well-known social media influencer from Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Atleast 2 videos went viral showing a women that looks like her in a room, and the other one with a man doing something strange, these are being headlines everywhere else. 

Through Instagram Story, Quỳnh Alee says it was not her and does not make any sense. 

"A lot of those asking on my DMs. No, it's not me. Clear?"

"It may be look like my face, but it is literally different. Can people see the difference? Unfortunately, some people are just trying to forced me to admit it. Good luck!"

Quynh Alee also said it is not the first time she's linked to viral video with random women that has similar face to her.