Tsutsui Riko denies obvious cheating scandal with Yamada Haruka

Tsutsui Riko cheating scandal with Yamada Haruka

It was revealed Nippon Ham Fighters baseball player Yamada Haruka has a close relationship with former HKT48 member Tsutsui Riko. 

Yamada Haruka is known to have married a non-celebrity women.

Tsutsui Riko is married to SoftBank Hawks player, Shin Nakamura.

Last year Yamada Haruka was forced his move from Seibu Lions to Nippon Ham Fighters. 

This happen after his wife was found to have using an anonymous account to slander former Nogizaka46 member Eto Misa who is the wife of Seibu Lions's captain Genda Sosuke. 

In early January it was spotted Tsutsui Riko and her kid coming to a baseball stadium in Fukuoka to see Yamada Haruka training with his team, then the two met outside the stadium. 

Yamada Haruka & Tsutsui Riko are both from Saga.

According to Tsutsui Riko's acquaintances, two of them often stay at the same hotel and go on vacation together, including Tsutsui Riko's toddler.

It was confirmed they are both claimed to be just friends & not dating although did not deny staying at the same hotel. 

Yamada Haruka said that he is in the process of divorcing his wife. 

Yamada Haruka now lives at his parents' house in Saga, while his wife and children live in Tokyo.

The two spent their night at the same hotel and Tsutsui Riko has met Yamada Haruka's parents discussing her future with Yamada.

Tsutsui Riko was HKT48 3rd generation member, the 22 year-old graduated in May 2017.