Zhou Peixi is leaving GNZ48

GNZ48 Team Z member Zhou Peixi has announced her graduation through Weibo. Here is what she said on her farewell message.
Zhou Peixi is leaving GNZ48

GNZ48 member Zhoi Peixi has said something to fans through her Weibo and it was farewell post.

"Hello everyone, this is Zhou Peixi. From November 2021 when I signed a contract with Siba, my fate with this place began. I can still clearly remember how happy I was on the day of the interview. I feel that that was when I closest to achieving my dream, in addition to it being the luckiest day. 

"In February 2021, I arrived at Guangzhou and began my idol trainee life. There, everything was new and I liked it. The clean and tidy practice room, the pretty seniors, there was a lot of good stuff."

"On the day I officially debuted, I was especially nervous, my heart stopped the moment the music started. Other than the sound of the music and everyone's call, I couldn't hear anything else. Just like the letter I wrote during SSK, perhaps it was a bit untimely, perhaps I was not lucky enough, I wasn't that liked. I slowly became discouraged."

"At the age of 21, performing at the theatre, I improved very quickly, my mindset also slowly matured and things were not as simple as when I first debuted, where I thought that as long as I stood on the stage, it would be enough. People only need to live to be comfortable but I don't want to be the last
person here. It semed that no matter what I did, things would not get better and I began to doubt myself. 

"During my first SSK, I sat in the bus and this is a memory that makes me depressed whenever I think of it. Late at night is the most painful time for me, because I have many thoughts and I feel upset that I'm not able to get more people's attention."

"I slowly began to think about leaving, but kept telling myself that things might improve if I kept waiting. But it seems that things still haven't improved. Last year, I discussed with B50 with the yyh, I had my own considerations and was willing to take leave from school but the yyh reminded me that I can't redo my studies so I decided not to take risks. I respect this, I don't like to force the yyh to take risks for me so I decided to forfeit this chance."

"To be honest, I told myself that this is my last straw. Because to us, it is easier to show your face at B50. Afterwards, I made my decision and decided to finish my studies well. Regarding my fate with this place, perhaps there will be a day where I will return.",

"I'm writing this message because I want to say farewell to the people who like me. No matter where I am, I will always remember this group of people who have previously accompanied me. You can find me at my personal weibo in the future, I will share my user ID: Subayykei"

Zhou Peixi debuted in May 2021 as a trainee of 10th generation and then got promoted to GNZ48 Team Z in December 2021.