Alunsina Tan: Viral Video Issue Denied on Reddit Alunsinatan

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Alunsina Tan: Viral Video Issue Denied on Reddit Alunsinatan

Filipino model Alunsina Tan says rumors about her viral videos on Twitter and Reddit were not true at all. It was denied through her Instagram @alunsinatan via Insta Story.

Recently, public are shocked with some users posted link of allegedly Alunsina Tan viral video with caption includes "Leaked" word which obviously made people curious and tagged her account to asking if that was true.

Her close friends also denying issues circulating about viral Alunsina Tan video on TikTok, says those were edited too.

"It's all made up and fake, nonsense I think. You guys should do better than this. That edited video and photos are so bad imo." says Alunsina Tan best friend. 

The rise of Twitter accounts that then sell and make it as 'premium content' on certain platforms such as Patreon, makes a number of users even more convinced of the man dubbed the reliable video collector of any scandal.

It is not yet clear whether this is the case and what motive behind somebody's treatment in alleged Alunsina Tan viral video is. At least this can be used as a lesson for you all loyal readers not to believe that content circulating too quickly.