Long Danni and Wajijiwa Entertainment issue explained

Long Danni and Wajijiwa Entertainment issue explained

Recently, Long Danni, the boss mother of agency Wajijiwa Entertainment was revealed as the largest shareholder in her agency.

According to a Tianyancha platform report taken from Wajijiwa's information, there has been a change in shareholding at the agency subsidiary of Tencent Video.

In the shareholding list, Long Danni turned into the largest holder with 39.71% of the total.

As such, Danni controls the company and still remains the boss of his artists.

Other shareholders in Wajijiwa include the Tianjin Zhang Xin Culture company, Lin Zhili Tech Information Co., Ltd., and many others.

It is known that Wajijiwa was established in April 2017 with a registered capital of 3.87 million CNY. 

Wajijiwa Entertainment officially denied the news of Long Danni's resignation as 'audit controller' of their agency.

Through its official Weibo account yesterday after the news circulated, Wajijwa wrote, "There are no official words,".

This also received a negative response from fans who had been happy with Long Danni's resignation.

"Hahahahaha does that mean we can continue to blame Long Danni," wrote one netizen who became the most popular comment.

"If you really shut yourself down, I wouldn't care,". "You are really fast in denying rumors about yourself,".

As is known, many Xiao Zhan fans are complaining about the agency, especially the CEO who doesn't care about their idol's career including the scandal a few weeks ago.

Long Danni wrote a special letter for Wajijiwa Entertainment's sixth anniversary. Long Danni, known as the queen mother of Wajijiwa Entertainment, released a special internal letter for her agency's anniversary.

In the moment of Wajijiwa's sixth birthday, she released a letter containing her message to all her employees about developing content for young people.

"When the market environment is not crowded and content is not well-made, we should also not be presumptuous and look back at the experience, business ability, and quality of work we have accumulated over the years as growth," he wrote.

He also encouraged agencies to always create content for young people.

"Let talented young people shine and let beautiful works influence the younger generation," he explained.

Wajijiwa is reportedly an agency that houses artists such as INTO1, Zhou Zhennan and XNINE.