Vernalossom: Superball to run AKB48 Group overseas

Vernalossom: Superball to run AKB48 Group overseas

As of April 1, 2023, all businesses run by Vernalossom Co. Ltd will be taken over and managed by its subsidiary, Superball Co. Ltd. Including the management and business of AKB48 Group Overseas.

The director or leader of the Superball company is Terada Narisho, who used to work for AKS until it changed its name to Vernalossom. At that time his position was General Manager of the Overseas 48 Group's Division.

This makes him often take part in several major projects of AKB48 Group Overseas. Such as being a judge for the AKB48 Team SH First Generation audition, to the AKB48 Group Asia Festival event.

With this company move, it means that Yoshinari Natsuko is no longer taking care of AKB48 Group on Overseas. 

Hopefully under the auspices of Superball, AKB48 Group Overseas will often hold joint events and be more fairly managed.