SNH48 acquisition of AKB48 Team SH still in progress

snh48 acquires akb48 team sh

Are AKB48 Team SH acquired by SNH48? Shanghai Siba STAR48 Culture Media Co. Ltd (META 48) is an agency company engaged in entertainment industry. They manage SNH48, CKG48, GNZ48, BEJ48, and CGT48. 

News is circulating about STAR48 preparing everything to make an acquisition offer for Shangyue Culture Media Co. Ltd, which is now on the verge of dismissal. 

SNH representatives and Team SH officials had a meeting in January 2023 where fans are increasingly convinced that acquisition progress is getting stronger. 

Shangyue is an agency company in China that holds control over idol group business called AKB48 Team SH. 

This group is a franchise of AKB48 in Japan and its management is monitored by Vernalossom. 

As is known, Vernalossom monitors and involved in decisions on idol groups that are AKB48's overseas sister groups/outside Japan such as JKT48, BNK48, CGM48, MNL48, IZ*ONE (disbanded), Team SH and Team TP. 

Knowing that Shangyue will be dissolved, STAR48 as SNH's agency is interested in acquiring the company. 

If realized, it is likely that their name will change to only Team SH or be completely changed. They will no longer use copyrighted name "AKB48". 

AKB Team SH fans were disappointed and highly questioned Vernalossom's hands-off attitude with the group's decline.

AKB48 Team SH did lose the business competition in Shanghai considering massive fan support tended to go towards innovative SNH48.