Satchan plans to graduate from BNK48 at 20

Satchan plans to graduate from BNK48 image source nambanation

Satchan Sawitchaya announced that she has renewed her contract back in September 2022 when the rest of BNK48's first generation members chose to graduate.

At that time Satchan said she will still be a member of BNK48 for at least one more year. 

Satchan wants to celebrate her 20th birthday in BNK48. Once it done, she has plans to leave the group.

It doesn't feel like this December Satchan will be 20 years old, only 5 months left. 

So is Satchan really going to announce her graduation this year?

Satchan confirmed that she will not graduate this year. 

Previously Satchan had indeed said that she will be the last member of her generation.

According to her, there are still many things she has to achieve first. 

In addition to being a member of BNK48, Satchan is currently also a soloist under the Independent Records label.